When you’re crying cause you’re so damn happy.

“It’s Kind of A Funny Story” is one of my favorite books. And they did an ok job of making it into a movie. I caught the last scene today while channel surfing. I forgot how perfect it is.
Watch it. You’ll understand.

It’s what I’ve been trying to say all along in the almost year I’ve kept this blog in just a minute. It’s perfect.

I’m here right now because I just needed to get out all of this joy. For the first time all quarter I have more highs than lows. I feel like I’m really myself. I feel like I’ve found a way to fill the voids this quarter left. And I feel infinite.

I’ve always cherished meeting new people and making new connections. But I got into a funk this quarter where I didn’t want that. But thirteen new friends were thrown at me last weekend. And I’m so, so happy that they were. I am so rejuvenated. I am so…myself? So cheesey.

From nights (mornings?) in the library to dinners to life chats on my couch to spontaneous adventures all over the place, I am back in the game. See ya later, winter quarter slump. I’ve got to re-claim my spot as tourmaster (challenge accepted, Tommy), spend more time at the ocean, call my brother, call my dad, call my sisters, call my mom (3 times a day? sometimes). Wake up early in the morning to skype my best friend. Jump in the car and surprise my roommate at work. Write more. Love more. Reach out and get a cup of coffee with someone new, and reconnect with someone old. See the sunrise. Take my camera on adventures.

I’ve never been big on religion and you all know that, but I came across a perfect bible verse last night.

From the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.

That’s kind of how I like to live. My heart overflows so much with joy and I hope that in some capacity I spread that joy where I go. I hope that joy is what falls out of my mouth.

And I guess I lost sight of that and looked for other people to bring me joy and forgot that I can bring MYSELF joy. It just took a couple nights with some amazing human beings to remind me of that.

It gets better.

Whatever it is. It does.


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