I was lying on my yoga mat in corpse pose today as our instructor asked us to pick an intention for our practice.

“I am love.”

“I am joy.”

“I am happiness.”

“I am spirit.”

And it was in that moment as I thought only about my intention, pushing anything negative out of my head with each exhale, that I realized we are all of those things. Because we create them for ourselves.

“Don’t pursue happiness — create it.”

And with each vinyasa I thought about how my intention in life has always been to spread joy. And how that was why this blog existed. And how spreading joy makes me feel joyful. But lately I’d stopped passing on love because I haven’t felt love. Silly me, forgetting that the cycle starts with me, not with everyone else.

So give it a shot. Think about it.

I’m not asking you to go to yoga tonight to figure out the intention of your practice, but I’m asking you to sit down, put on some soothing music and think about your intention for life. Because I think it’s so easy to lose sight of it.

So since I’m feeling someone reflective tonight I’d like to recall a post from last summer. In July I told you I hated the word funeral (read here) and today I’m going to tell you that’s still true. But I think there’s something I failed to address – I don’t like death. Moreover, I don’t like that we don’t really think about someone’s life until after they’re gone.

Take a second and think about everyone you love. And ask yourself what they’ve done with life. What was your grandfather like when he was a kid? Did you ever think to ask? Is it too late now? Have you told your best friend you’re proud of her lately? Have you celebrated – I mean really celebrated – life lately?

Have you run through the rain with no shoes on, letting the water coat your skin? Have you danced it out? Have you said thank you to Liz Lemon or whatever higher power you believe in for giving you the strength to live and love today?

David Foster Wallace said that the capital T-Truth, the most important thing in life, was life before death. And I couldn’t agree with him more on a night like tonight. As local Patch sides explode with reports of teenage deaths and investigations reveal heartbreaking truths I can’t help but want to honor those people while I’m still here on earth. A friend of mine goes skydiving on the anniversary of his best friend’s death every year. I wear my nana’s ring every day.

Whether you’re honoring someone you’ve loved and lost or just trying to say thank you to life, I hope you find a way to celebrate. Live it up while you’re here and don’t sweat the rest. Find your joy. Find the thing that makes you feel infinite — always. Because life is too short not to feel on top of the world.

So celebrate now. Throw someone a party because you love them. If you love them, tell them. If someone inspires you, tell them. Give every person in your life another raison d’etre.

And remember.

You are love.

You are joy.

You are happiness.

You are spirit.

You are infinite.

I love. More and more every day.


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