Day one.

So I was sitting in class one day and I was overcome with joy. And i realized that I wanted to share that joy with everyone I’ve ever met and everyone I’ll ever meet in the future. That joy was something that everyone deserved. Luckily this epiphany came to me whist i sat in my digital media editing class, where we’re making videos and manipulating iMovie and doing citizen journalism and all that jazz.

So naturally I’ve made this class my avenue of  sharing that joy.

Our assignment was to get six “vox pops.” You ask people a question, they answer, and you put it together in a video.

I asked people what makes them happy. And upon hearing the question they lit up. (This is phase one of the project.) Then as they talked about their sources of joy, their days got a little better, their loads got a little lighter. You could see it in their faces (stage two). And as I listened I couldn’t help but smile. And when they left they spread that happiness to other people (stage three). And when the video was finished, everyone watching smiles because something in the segment makes them happy, too (stage four).

So basically, whatever part of this process you take part in, you’re going to come out smiling.

This doesn’t end when the quarter ends and I’m no longer accountable for random clips of video. This is going to be an ongoing project and something that I’m suddenly incredibly passionate about. But don’t think it’s going to slowly fade to black like the final transition on iMovie. No, sir/ma’am/whatever gender pronoun you prefer.

The Happiness Project starts now. It’s going to make you smile. And cry. And hug the people around you. And it’s the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done.

My goal was to share happiness and joy and love and all those lovely things. But in return, I’m getting a ton of it, too.

The first installment is coming soon, exporting as I type!


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